Integrative Health and Healing

Reclaiming personal authority over your health and wellbeing.

Achieve true health through use of a fully integrated medical approach and specialized preventative care options. Foundations of preventative care include education, advocacy and support, and self-care. Integrative health care builds upon these foundations by helping you find meaning behind your condition(s) so that meaningful solutions can be utilized to discover and create the health that your desire.

Listen: Knowledgable and Compassionate Listening

Listen: Knowledgable and compassionate listening

Discover: Connecting with the Body, Mind and Spirit

Create: Creating Healthy Connections

In collaboration with the practitioners at Grand Rapids Natural Health in Grand Rapids and Sleeping Bear Natural Health in Traverse City, West Michigan now has access to a fully integrated health care clinic that focuses on the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Our diverse team includes naturopathic and medical doctors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, health coaches, counselors, massage therapist, somatic and energy medicine practitioners and skin care specialists. We understand that each individual is unique and that their wellbeing is influenced by their cumulative life experiences and lifestyle choices. In a healing partnership, we work to empower individuals to make positive changes that will expedite their own health recovery.