“As a cardiologist, I am well trained in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease. As an integrative health specialist, my goal is to help you find your best solutions for the prevention and reversal of heart disease and associated risk factors.” ~Dave Johnson, MD

Integrative Cardiovascular Care

Empowering individuals to find meaningful solutions to meet their health and wellbeing goals. Life can get complicated but let’s simplify. As an integrative cardiologist, you will have access to latest conventional diagnostic tools and both conventional therapies as well as individually tailored less conventional treatments such as mind-body medicine functional medicine, stress management and lifestyle medicine. You will discover how lifestyle optimization and stress management can enhance health and wellbeing while potentially reversing many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease.

The Integrative Medicine Approach

Clinical Services

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Management

Cardiovascular disease, and many other chronic diseases, result from ongoing exposure to our external environment and our internal responses to these exposures. As an example, air pollution is an external exposure that sets off a cascade of internal reactions that damages the lining of the blood vessels causing cardiovascular disease. Simply treating the rise in cholesterol related to air pollution with a cholesterol lowering medication inadequately reduces the risk of disease without removing or reducing the exposure, hence the high incidence of heart disease in polluted urban areas. Integrative cardiology focuses on the identification of these ongoing exposures, as well as the internal reactions that occur as a result of these exposures, to beneficially impact health and well-being.

Explore science-based conventional treatments as well as emerging strategies to manage and prevent heart disease.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Risk assessment always begins with you, the patient, and your personal experiences and exposures. After a comprehensive history, testing is then used to further define risk and to monitor the impact of any intervention.

  • Comprehensive conventional and functional lab testing
  • Stress assessment and management
  • Biomarker (lab) surveillance
  • Cardiac imaging based upon individual needs

Lifestyle Optimization

Perhaps no greater therapeutic intervention is that which we can do for ourselves. Removing the obstacles to healing often require increased self-awareness and compassionate health coaching to sustain.

  • Nutrition. Learn how to better your health through food choices.
  • Intermittent fasting. Learn how fasting can benefit your health and wellbeing.
  • Movement. Discover ways to enhance you physical fitness simply by moving your body.
  • Sleeping well. Discover solutions to help get better sleep.
  • Stress management. Learn to build resilience with stress protective activities.
  • Relationships. Discover ways to enrich you life and health with healthy socialization and relationships.
  • Spirituality. Learning to acknowledge and honor our purpose and meaning impacts how we live our life.
  • Environmental health. Learn how to minimize exposure to environmental toxins.

Nutritional Optimization

The standard American diet is now the leading cause of death in Americans. As a result of the modern diet individuals often develop micronutrient deficiencies that can lead to cellular dysfunction and eventually to chronic disease. In addition, the diet is increasingly contributing to an excess load of environmental toxins that also contribute to chronic disease.

  • Focus nutrient dense whole plant-based foods
  • Dietary supplement assessment and optimization
  • Detoxification, as indicated
  • IV nutritional therapy, as indicated

Stress Management

Perhaps no single factor influences our health more than chronic stress. Learn to explore several stress protective activities that lead to greater resilience.

  • Mindfulness-based practices
  • HeartMath biofeedback
  • Breath work

Medical Optimization

  • Disease education and management counseling
  • Medication review and simplification
  • Dietary supplement review
  • Second opinions regarding cardiovascular care
  • Patient advocacy

Ancillary Services

In addition to standard medical therapy a wide range of science-based complementary and alternative interventions will be explored.

  • Mind-body medicine
  • Intravenous (IV) nutrition
  • Detoxification
  • Chelation therapy
  • Digestive health
  • Whole body ozone therapy
  • Naturopathic medicine consultations
  • Osteopathic medicine consultations
  • Manual therapy, such as massage
  • Energy medicine, such as healing touch
  • BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) therapy

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