November – Diabetes Awareness Month

The goal of my posts this month were to increase awareness of type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and how T2DM is:

  • preventable
  • manageable
  • reversible.

T2DM is a complex interaction between genetics, the environment and lifestyle choices. Pharmaceuticals can be lifesaving when blood sugars are out of control.  However, pharmaceutical do not adequately prevent or even reverse the disease process, rather they help your body maintain better blood sugar control.

Prevention and reversal of T2DM is a multifaceted approach. Essential self-care strategies can lead to weight loss and include exercise and a nutrient-rich plant-based diet.  Read my seven steps to preventing and reversing diabetes. Regardless of treatment strategies it is always important to monitor your blood sugar. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with T2DM and eager to learn how they can be in better control of the disease process, please do not hesitate to contact my office and schedule an appointment.