Integrative Health and Healing Program

Modern lifestyle poses many challenges. Our health and wellbeing are being impacted by these challenges. A new paradigm in medicine is emerging:

Self-care is the new primary care.

This new paradigm begins with the concept of self-awareness, but not in a selfish way, rather a compassionate way. As a physician formally trained in both integrative medicine and integrative health coaching, I have witnessed the healing power of self-awareness as it fuels both self-care and self-improvement. The result of these experiences is the creation of two innovative programs:

  1. Stress and Wellbeing Mentoring. This program teaches the basic essentials to help build resilience.
  2. Integrative Health Coaching. This program is more intensive than the mentoring program as we explore all major core areas of health and partner together to empower you on your journey towards health and wellbeing.

To learn more about these programs and my partnerships please visit Grand Rapids Natural Health located in Grand Rapids Michigan and Sleeping Bear Natural Health located in Traverse City, Michigan.

Frequently Asked Questions

* David Johnson, MD is an independent practitioner at Grand Rapids Natural Health and Sleeping Bear Natural Health.