Integrative Health and Healing Program


As a physician formally trained in integrative medicine, I value your uniqueness and will work in partnership with you to get the services you need. This patient-centered, holistic approach centers around the natural healing capacity of the body. I believe care should begin with self-care strategies and progress toward a more multidisciplinary team approach as needed. For many, there is a balance between lifestyle choices and complementary or alternative medicine and the need for more conventional medical approaches, such as pharmaceuticals and surgeries. In our partnership, I will work with you and our team to provide you the safest, most natural, and most effective strategies to help you restore and maintain your health.


Nutritional counseling

Physical activity

Sleep hygiene

Stress management

Integrative health coaching

Integrative medicine team:

Integrative and functional medicine

Naturopathic medicine

Nutrition and dietetic services

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture

Manual medicine including massage and somatic body work

Energy medicine


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To learn more about these partnerships and the integrative health and healing programs please visit Grand Rapids Natural Health located in Grand Rapids Michigan and Sleeping Bear Natural Health located in Traverse City, Michigan.

Frequently Asked Questions

* David Johnson, MD is an independent practitioner at Grand Rapids Natural Health and Sleeping Bear Natural Health.