600_312278042As a cardiologist, David Johnson, MD, believes that health is a result of learning to follow your own heart’s path, rather than suffering from it.

Dr. Johnson is a successful board certified  and holistic cardiologist residing in West Michigan. While contributing to the development of highly successful cardiac care programs in West Michigan, he also began to see the limitations of these systems. The foundations for health and healing are related to nutrition, physical activity, adequate rest, our thoughts and reactions to stress, and our interconnectedness, or relationships, with our selves, others and the natural world. This short fall lead him to pursue a change in his approach, not only for the benefit of his patients, but for him and his family as well. A true calling for change since he would have to leave the traditional medical model that he helped build.

Efficient in providing high quality acute care, our chronic disease management model has been ineffective at addressing the root cause of cardiovascular disease.

In 2010, Dr. Johnson completed a fellowship in integrative medicine at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine founded by Dr Andrew Weil. He has witnessed the transformative impact of looking deeper than just at the signs and symptoms of heart disease in order to address the root cause of disease.  First, in his own life, he has learned to follow his heart’s path to explore new visions, even if they are not fully embraced by the status quo. Secondly, he has also witnessed the benefits of lifestyle change in his patients. This healing journey begins with this inward direction as we connect to our own authenticity, or divine nature, with all that surrounds us.

Dr. Johnson is formally trained in traditional Western medicine. He attended medical school at The Ohio State University, then internal medicine at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, and finally, cardiology fellowship at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. However, it was in the course of his own life’s journey that he found connecting with the natural world opened his heart and empowered him to change direction to a more holistic approach in health care. Dr. Johnson was asked by a patient of his to share his journey so that it could inspire others to seek their own authenticity so as to contribute to the greater good of society and beyond. This led to his presentation at the first TEDxMacatawa program in Holland, Michigan on March 15, 2012.

It is his passion to pursue choices that beneficially impact both human and ecological health. He enjoys a mostly plant based diet while living an active lifestyle with his wife, two daughters and dog, Karlina. He also enjoys spending time in the wilderness, both alone and with his family and friends. The natural world keeps him reminded of the greater connection we have with the natural world which is often ignored by our current socio-political paradigms.

Dr. Johnson is learning to follow his own heart’s path and journey towards health and healing.

  • Are you ready to pursue your own journey toward health by learning while making choices that address the root causes of heart disease?
  • Are you ready to free yourself from the constraints of modern medicine and allow yourself to be empowered to begin the healing process?
  • Are you ready to free yourself from just surviving and begin to thrive so that you can make a difference in the world?

Contact Dr Dave at info@davejohnsonmd.com.